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Jon Mann

"I have been a client with Joe since he started his PT business in December. He has helped me get back on track with a new program based on my hypertrophy goals. Since starting I have managed to break from stalled progress into a good steady gain phase. I particularly like Joe's approach and appraisals as other PT's I have used in the past always insist on starting over with every movement and were not attentive of my goals. Joe has good knowledge of programming, technique, bio mechanics and uses modern software and apps to help his clients reach their potential. I enjoy my one 2 one sessions with Joe as he provides feedback during movements, and motivation to push harder and stronger in all my lifts. Thanks Joe Hall!"

Rowena Berg

"Joe is a great PT he is very knowledgeable, calm and has built me a programme I really enjoy. I have known Joe in a professional capacity for 3 years and he is a great choice for a PT. He has a wide range of experience working with people who have additional needs and chronic conditions. He listens and responds to clients individually and with a relaxed manner he really pushes you to push yourself."

Alex Mezger

"I’ve been working with Joe for 6 months. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and good company. Joe had helped me to exceed my targets and I’d highly recommend him to anyone."
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