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About Joe

Joe began his own training journey at around the age of fifteen, starting out by training from home and after school, which laid the foundations for his love of all things training and nutrition. Joe then began training in a gym soon after he turned sixteen and focused on both building muscle and strength through a hybrid style of both bodybuilding and powerlifting training.

Throughout the next 4 years, Joe built a foundation of muscle and strength and built up knowledge in training for both physique development and building strength as a whole. Joe decided to compete in 2020 in a bodybuilding competition in the teen class at 19 years old, falling into the teen class where he took the silver medal in the UK and international finals. This process once again helped to further Joe's knowledge of the physique development side of training and fat loss in particular.

Since competing, Joe's aim has been to start applying his knowledge from years of self-education and further this knowledge by completing level 3 in personal training. Joe has been applying the knowledge gained from his self-education and qualifications to help many of his clients achieve their goals in the gym.

Joe has now moved away from strictly physique and strength development and is currently training in multiple different combat sport disciplines, including kickboxing and wrestling/jiu jitsu, and recently competed in a mixed martial arts fight. This means his style of training in the gym has moved more towards a sport-specific strength and conditioning routine when on the gym floor in order to complement the combat sport training.

This style of training has pushed Joe to once again look to keep progressing in his knowledge, and he is currently completing a level 4 in strength and conditioning in order to further improve his coaching service for all his current and prospective clients.

Joe Hall PT MMA Fight
Joe Hall PT Bodybuilding
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